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About Umholi

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the most Experienced Steel Wire Rope and Lifting Equipment Suppliers of the Sub Sahara region. We are experts in the lifting industry and are able to supply all forms of products needed for any lifting situation. With expert technicians and advisors, we are able to give the best advice possible in any situation we can.

Umholi is a Black Economic Empowered Company in conformation to the South African Broad- Based Black Economic Empowerment Act Law which enables us to deliver our products and services to the following South African industries:

  • Mining Industries
  • Engineering Industries
  • Transport Industries
  • Port Industries

Umholi is also part of the Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa.

Umholi offers a wide range of services to our customers in the Lifting and Rigging field such as; On site inspection, Proof loading of all steel wire rope etc.

Umholi is the sole distributor of the Indian based company Usha Martin for the supply ropes for STS and mobile harbor cranes, the mining industry and for Tirfors / Rigging.

For the Port and Crane Lifting industry Umholi manufactures customised products such as; Spreader slinging or chain systems, Steel Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings etc.

For the Lashing and Securing industry Umholi supplies; Shackles, Turnbuckles, Thimbles etc.

Umholi also supplies a second-to-none Health, Safety and Environment (HSSE) policy whereby it renders to the Ports and Lifting Industries that includes Safety Seminars, Inspection Services etc.

All our products are supplied with a Test Certificate underwritten by HWSETA, L.M.I., L.T.I, L.M.E., L.E.E.A.S.A. and SASCO.

Partner versus "just supplier"

Our aim is not to be just a supplier who sells ropes and services against the lowest prices. Our goal is to be a partner to the companies we work with; which means also a high standard commitment in after-market sales.

Following the initial supply and installation of our hoist ropes, we will enter into a relationship with the client whereby the client provides us, on a regular basis, with the hours worked. Based on these hours, we will establish a record triggering a jointly approved inspection visit in order to maintain the highest safety standards for the products installed.

Advice on rope maintenance is an important part of our supply agreement. A regular inspection agreement is recomended to make sure that the hoist ropes are still operationally safe and to maintain the validity of the test certificates. We also offer onsite training of relevant staff.

Umholi is a supply partner of APM Terminals locations:

Based on received information from the various locations, and followed by on site inventory of stock, ropes and rigging in use, a proactive forward JIT delivery and installation program will be established that ties in with schedule crane maintenance periods.

Based on the above, and after having gained full knowledge of each individual terminal, and subject to terms and conditions of the agreement, credit facilities can be agreed upon.

We offer delivery within the Johannesburg area - We operate under a strict Order number basis, to protect the client from unauthorized deliveries.

Should you wish to meet with us and discuss your requirements in greater detail please call us for Technical Queries regarding our Services and Products.                 

Assuring you of our Best Attention and Services at all times

Umholi: Suppliers for Yale, Usha Martin and ELD
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